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SUGGESTION: Minority 905


Minority 905 are a brand new pop punk band out of Mississauga, ON. The band only have one single available currently, titled Infatuating Love, but it’s fantastic, and is a little different then the stuff we normally post on here. They remind me a LOT of Green Day (think Kerplunk!, Dookie, and 1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours), and other 90s pop punk.

Keep an eye out for this bands debut release. I don’t think we’ll be seeing the last of them!

RIYL: (old) Green Day, blink-182


Aug 30


ALBUM REVIEW: ‘Haze’ - The American Scene

The American Scene - Haze
Release Date: September 9th
Record Label: Pure Noise Records

Reviewer: Mike Mule’
Purchase: Vinyl / Digital

If you’ve ever been to or heard anything about San Francisco, you’d know what an innovative and industrial city it is. This goes for the music this powerhouse of a city is pumping out as well. And The American Scene is no exception. Definitely one of the calmer of the bands on the Pure Noise Records catalog, The American Scene holds a sound that will captivate, exhilarate, and put you in a constant haze for the duration of the record.

Haze starts off in an abrupt, yet calm manner with the title track. Soft guitar licks and a basic mesmerizing drum beat will seeps into your ears and locks you in. For those of you who are into the more ambient indie style, you found your alley and you’re sprinting right up it. The haze has begun and you’ll never want to leave! Despite the repetitive haunting question asking, “ I don’t know who would want to live forever in this haze,” you’ll be pleasantly caught in Haze forever, or at least for the ten songs these dudes from Berkley provide.

Drowsily moving onward into Royal Blue, The American Scene sticks true to their simplistic and captivating style. Upbeat, subtle, and ambient, track two moseys down the path the title track set for the album without missing a beat. Definitely a feel good vibe similar to Wu Lyf or SF locals Ghost Parade, this album will be played on many young professionals work playlists, and again while they’re getting high on the weekend.

Coasting us right into Nails of Love, the feel good ambiance stays strong. Soft dancing vocals and drawn out guitar notes guide us through a three minute and forty-six second story of what appears to be a lovers’ misfortune of heading in different paths. While getting high on the weekend and only dancing while drinking may be what causes this dismay for the song’s subjects, Nails of Love is a perfect soundtrack for both of those activities, if that’s your type of party.

Dancing away from the weekend tokers and to one of the catchier songs on the album (who am I kidding they’re all catchy, TAS nailed it!) we end up at 4th and Broadway. Really honing in on their slightly delayed, almost industrial guitar style, The American Scene keeps the haze heavy. Catchy and soft, don’t be surprised if you hear this track keeping you company as you peruse the clearance rack in Urban Outfitters this fall. Being a strong attention grabber, 4th and Broadway will be an excellent crowd pleaser and bump TAS up from a band you think you’ve heard of to a band you actually know and like.

Halfway through the album, the hazy four dudes from the bay area really slow it down on Dark Creak. Utilizing their simple drum beats and ambient guitar riffs, track five brings the haze deeper with a melodic, comforting, and groovy jam. So well orchestrated and in tune, while seeming the most simplistic, Dark Creak almost hides the intense drum beats amongst the casual guitar licks. Haze is in full effect.

Skipping ahead a track, Over To You sheds a new light, being the only track to start with vocals. Other than that quick jump off the track, the boys bring it right back into the mold of the album. Ambient, moderate, and a nice easy listening all under four minutes Over To You, ends perfectly to introduce the drum and bass heavy White Widow. Not giving much change to the structure White Widow stays true to the structure of the seven previous songs.

Almost a continuation to White WidowDrone, starts with moving bass and drum followed by a robotic four count to lead in the rest of the band. Another hazy three minutes pass by, but who’s counting, we’re all fully enthralled at this point. Suddenly, the final track is here. Brume, nothing out of the ordinary and although expected, not disappointing in the slightest. The American Scene has a brilliant formula for each of the ten songs on the album. Simple, captivating, and exhilarating, Haze will have you in it for days. Put it on repeat, lay back, lose yourself, and enjoy The American Scene. 

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Me Vs Hero Launch App For New Album ‘I’m Completely Fine’

Me Vs Hero have launched a smartphone app that allows you to play a game and listen to their new album, I’m Completely Fine. You can download the app for iOS / Android.