Moose Blood Break Up


Moose Blood have decided to call it quits. Below is their statement:

It breaks our hearts to have to write this but it’s something we need to talk about. We feel as though we can’t stay quiet about this any longer.

We have been condemned in the absence of fact off the back of serious false allegations, and a situation concerning our former drummer. We are genuine, decent human beings who work hard at something we love. We take slight comfort in knowing that the people who do actually know us, knows this to be true. Rumours have escalated beyond belief and it makes us sick to our stomachs that we have been very wrongly labelled with these horrendous, incorrect terms. If certain people actually did their research and knew one ounce of truth about the situation then we would not be in this position. You can’t wrongly label innocent people. Your words have very real effects and consequences. You are part of the problem and the reason why social media can be such a toxic place.

It has been a traumatic past year or so that has left us feeling like we need to step away. We need to concentrate on all the good we have in our lives without constant concern of what may happen next. We need to be around the people we love, and the people that love us, and focus on our health and happiness.

To everybody that has supported us, stood by us, and spoken out on our behalf, we thank you and appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.

You’ll never know the battles people may have going on personally, so please think twice before you try to destroy someone over the internet. Actually consider the words you use and actions you take.

Take care of each other.
Let love win.


Travis Barker Suing For Medical Malpractice


According to TMZ, Travis Barker has filed a lawsuit against The Medical Imaging Center in Santa Monica, citing malpractice that left him with nerve damage.

In the lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Barker claims in June he went to The Medical Imaging Center in Santa Monica to receive an MRI as part of his routine checkup for his upcoming tour. Barker was to be sedated before the procedure, but technicians were unable to find a vein, sticking him at least 40x times in the process with a dirty needle and giving him staph. He’s suing the medical office.

Youth Fountain Announces West Coast Tour


Pure Noise Records‘ newest darlings, Youth Fountain, have announced a string of west coast shows in addition to their tour dates this fall on the east coast. Check them out after the jump, and also, just check out Youth Fountain if you haven’t already. Like I have said time and time again, you don’t want to sleep on this band. They’re easily one of the best bands I’ve come across in many, many years.

Grab their EP on iTunes or Spotify.

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