FYPP Suggests: Ambrose


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Ambrose is a six-piece progressive instrumental band based in Nashville, Tennessee. The band takes intricate melodies and complex rhythms inspired by classic jazz composers like John Coltrane and weaves them through tricked-out pedal boards towards modern twists.

FYPP knows, loves, and supports Ambrose, a progressive instrumental band from Tennessee. Following up on their immersive, rhythmic 2017 single, “Circle,” the band has worked hard to create their first album. The album is released today, titled Adama. Stream it here.

Chousand Release New Song; Announce New Album

Photo by: Jared Andrews

One of my favourite bands that you probably don’t know about yet, Chousand have released a brand new track titled “D.O.M.” off of their newly announced debut album, due out May 21st. The track can be streamed after the jump and on Bandcamp.

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FYPP Suggests: Career Day

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Photo by Lauren Beck

Hailing from New York State, Career Day are a myriad of 90s emo like Sunny Day Real Estate and 2000s gritty punk rock a la I Am The Avalanche. Although the music may sound like a throwback, the content of the songs is definitely not. Writing with the current times in mind, Career Day uses their music to express their political and social viewpoints on todays events, while trying to handle and work through personal triumphs and hardships with every new headline day in and day out.

Check out their debut single, “Nope, Sorry” on BandcampSpotify, and everywhere else.
Keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.