Direct Hit Finish Tracking New Album

Direct Hit have announced via Instagram that they have finished tracking a new LP.

Crooked Teeth Announce Re-Release of Pastel EP via Rude Records

Photo by Andrew Le

Crooked Teeth, one of my favourite bands out of Southern California, have announced the re-release of their Pastel EP, due out May 11th via Rude Records, to whom they just signed with. To commemorate the release, the band have debuted a new version of “Crawl” with labelmate Bonnie Fraser of Stand Atlantic. Pre-order Pastel here.

FYPP Suggests: Career Day

CareerDay_LB_19 copy 2.jpg
Photo by Lauren Beck

Hailing from New York State, Career Day are a myriad of 90s emo like Sunny Day Real Estate and 2000s gritty punk rock a la I Am The Avalanche. Although the music may sound like a throwback, the content of the songs is definitely not. Writing with the current times in mind, Career Day uses their music to express their political and social viewpoints on todays events, while trying to handle and work through personal triumphs and hardships with every new headline day in and day out.

Check out their debut single, “Nope, Sorry” on BandcampSpotify, and everywhere else.
Keep up with the band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Tom DeLonge Announces “Sekret Machines Book 2: A Fire Within”

Photo by Harmony Gerber/Getty Images

Tom DeLonge has announced the second installment in his Sekret Machines series titled Sekret Machines: A Fire Within. The book is set to release on September 18th and is co-written by DeLonge and AJ Hartley. You can pre-order it here via To The Stars and the synopsis of the novel is as follows:

“A Fire Within continues the story of heiress Jennifer Quinn, journalist Timika Mars, pilot Alan Young and ex-Marine Barry Regis – four people bonded by the incidents they’ve witnessed and who are being hunted by agents of a wealthy corporate cabal desperate for unimaginable power and possessed of extraordinary abilities they don’t understand, much less control. Now the quartet is on a mission of their own: as Alan and Barry test the limits of their strange gifts inside the military complex known as Dreamland, Jennifer and Timika begin a quest to locate an ancient tablet that may hold the answers to humanity’s greatest question: Are we alone in the universe?”